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Learning About Nanny Shares

Hello, my name is Jenna. Welcome to my site. When I had to go back to work, I shared my uncertainties with my friends and family. Since I had my child at the same time as my cousins and friends had their own babies, I knew I was in good company. We were all facing the same dilemma at the same time, so we decided to tackle the problem together by setting up a nanny share. We organized the child care so our kids could grow up together and enjoy the same caregiver while we were at work. My site will explore the benefits of utilizing a nanny share in great detail.


Learning About Nanny Shares

Three Wonderfully Messy Activities That Your Child Will Enjoy At Daycare

Randall Walters

Some parents don't mind when their children get into messy activities at home, but others try to keep such activities to a minimum. If you're the latter type of parent, you might shun messy activities because you strive to keep your home neat and tidy but not mind if your children get into messy activities in other locations. You'll be happy to know that when you send your child to daycare, he or she will have a chance to enjoy a variety of wonderfully messy pastimes. These might be things that you wouldn't want to take place under your roof, but in the fun-focused environment of a daycare center, these activities can be popular. Here are three activities that your child will get to enjoy.

Playing With Slime

Slime is a popular toy for children and is available in a variety of colors. Some people even make slime for their kids to play with. If you strive to keep a mess-free home, there's a good chance that your child won't have experienced the fun of playing with slime until he or she gets to daycare. Many daycare centers have slime available for their children, which will give your son or daughter an opportunity to enjoy the tactile experience of squeezing the slime, letting it run over his or her hands and arm, and more.

Finger Painting

Another wonderfully messy activity that your child will get to enjoy at daycare is finger painting. At home, you might prefer tidier artistic projects, such as coloring with crayons or pencil crayons. At daycare, your child will have the thrill of dipping his or her fingers into different colors of paints, making a piece of art, and then getting help washing up at the sink. Finger painting is popular at many daycares, and you should expect your child to bring home some art projects that use this technique.

Playing With Sand

Some daycares are equipped with sand tables, which give children an opportunity to dig and play in the sand. For a child who loves toy tractors, excavators, or other similar types of construction-focused toys, playing in a sand table gives him or her the opportunity to enjoy these toys to the fullest degree. There's little question that playing with sand can be messy, but the daycare center's staff will take care to wash your children's hands after this activity so that the child is clean when you pick him or her up.

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